The power of lists and maps in SASS

July 07, 2016

If you find yourself repeating a lot of similar rules when writing stylesheets or your needs go beyond simple variables think of lists and maps. I just discovered how useful lists and maps can be and therefore share a few examples.

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Handling Braintree webhooks in Laravel Cashier

June 14, 2016

Laravel Cashier is already handling Braintree’s 'subscription_canceled' and 'subscription_expired' webhooks and will cancel a subscription when any of those webhooks get triggered. The webhooks are handled by WebhookController, which can be easily extended to add support for other kinds of webhooks.

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Codeception — automated database dumps

April 16, 2016

I’ve been recently using Codeception and really appreciate what it can do. I see Codeception as a natural next step from PHPUnit. What’s nice about Codeception is that existing classic PHPUnit tests are compatible with it, so not all work is lost for people moving from PHPUnit to Codeception...

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Building a movie watchlist app with React

October 30, 2015

React is intriguing. It has a much smaller footprint than a full blown Javascript framework like Angular, it’s component based and relies on one-way data flow. The JSX syntax is very different from what I’m used to, but after giving it a try having the markup and related Javascript code all in one place has some advantages to it.

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