Preload and replay sounds in Expo

May 07, 2019    🕒 1 minute, 59 seconds

Expo comes with an Audio API that provides basic sound playback and recording capabilities in React Native projects. It includes a lot of useful features, but at times can be tricky to work with because of its asynchronous nature. I collected a few bits of information that can help with setting up and playing audio in Expo. 🎛️

Handle single and double clicks on the same element in Vue.js

March 21, 2018    🕒 1 minute, 4 seconds

I was looking for a way to handle single click and double click events on the same element in Vue.js. At first it looked like 'v-on:dblclick' is going to cover this requirement nicely, but I soon discovered it's not ideal. While double clicking the 'click' event fires too (as soon as the first click of an intended double click is registered), which makes it hard to handle both types of events at the same time.

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