State management in Vue.js

January 20, 2018    🕒 4 mins

Vue.js adopts a one-way data flow model, which means that state always flows from the parent components to the child components and is usually passed via props. This is a great way of managing state, because it makes things predictable. Ultimately, state needs to be shared between components. This post will explore ways in which parent and child components can share state and most importantly how child components can pass state back to their parents.

The power of lists and maps in SASS

July 07, 2016    🕒 3 mins

If you find yourself repeating a lot of similar rules when writing stylesheets or your needs go beyond simple variables think of lists and maps. I just discovered how useful lists and maps can be and therefore share a few examples.

Handling Braintree webhooks in Laravel Cashier

June 14, 2016    🕒 2 mins

Laravel Cashier is already handling Braintree's 'subscription_canceled' and 'subscription_expired' webhooks and will cancel a subscription when any of those webhooks get triggered. The webhooks are handled in WebhookController, which can be easily extended to add support for other kinds of webhooks.

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